Carpet And Seat Washing

Carpet Washing

Today, due to changing living conditions, carpet pollution plays an important role in the increase of allergic diseases.
Apart from dust and dirt, there are many microorganisms hidden in the carpet bottoms that are not visible to the eye. Allergen insects and microorganisms that shelter in carpet mites pose a significant threat to our health.
For this reason, for clean, healthy and hygienic living areas, carpets should be washed by professional teams and systems at certain periods according to usage traffic and pollution conditions. At the same time, it is important to clean carpets in the course of their lifetime.

Seat Wash

Especially in areas such as waiting rooms, meeting rooms, offices and restaurants where the frequency of use is intense, the use of seats and chairs are the most intense points. In terms of health and hygiene, it is important for the maintenance and life of the material to be washed at least twice a year in certain periods of the seats and chairs, especially at common usage points.