Technical Maintenance And Energy

Carrying out maintenance activities necessary for the operation and continuity of the buildings and facilities as much as possible without interrupting the work flow, preventing and eliminating failures are the activities covered by control and periodic maintenance processes.

Güvensan Technical Maintenance team keeps the systems under control on a regular basis and provides fast and effective solutions in case of failure.

Maintenance and Energy Management Service Coverage;

Fire Detection Systems and periodic controls of installations,
Technical control and maintenance of water tank,
Office Supplies,
Periodic control-maintenance of personnel and freight elevators,

Mechanical and electronically controlled turnstiles-doors,
UPS system, electrical installation and boards,
Boilers and air conditioning plants,

Energy Monitoring and energy efficiency analysis,
Lighting Energy Saving,
Increasing Energy Efficiency In Boilers,
Heat Recovery,
Building Construction Services.

With GÜVENSAN, Technical Maintenance Services are based on importance and priority.