The in-house trainings that we have provided to our employees since 1992 are the whole of the trainings that we have created based on the need to make a difference in service production and to train qualified personnel in the sector.
Our aim is to contribute to your knowledge, awareness and awareness processes with our experienced and qualified team, to increase the qualification and business efficiency of your employees.

  1. What Does The Customer Want?
  2. Being Indispensable
  3. Principles of cleanliness, order and hygiene
  4. Personal Cleaning & Hygiene
  5. Safe Chemical Product Use
  6. Environment and Waste Management
  7. Personal and Corporate Development
  8. Information Management Systems

9. Tea and Coffee Service
10. Carpet Washing
11. Polish Renovation and Floor Maintenance
12. WC cleaning and disinfection
13. Manual Disinfection Applications