Payroll Service

Payroll is a process in which employees’ personal files are followed; wage calculations and related legal notices are made within the framework of legal regulations and business requirements.


Our Payroll Service Scope covers;

Selection of suitable personnel,
Compliance with legislation,
Effective, fast and timely communication,
Control and audit system,
Periodic reporting.

In Güvensan payroll service, the monitoring of personnel personal rights is within the scope of payroll service and the management and administration of personnel performed by the customer.

Benefits Of Güvensan Payroll Service;

Eases HR workload,
Allows your company to concentrate on its main areas of activity,
Provides easier control of the service with reporting,
By reducing your regulatory follow-up, potential risks that may arise are minimized,
With all these apparent and unseen benefits, operational costs are reduced and time is not wasted.