Corporate Trainings

Human Resources

  1. Payroll and employee processes
  2. Employee loyalty and motivation
  3. Employee Relations Management
  4. Creating Orientation Program
  5. Performance-Based Qualification Evaluation
  6. Performance Management and Evaluation
  7. Strategic Human Resources Management

Supply Chain Management

  1. Lean Supply Chain Management,
  2. Strategic Purchasing Management

Logistics Management

  1. Warehouse &Inventory Management
  2. Lean Logistics Management

Personal Development Trainings

  1. Instructor Training
  2. Effective Presentation Techniques
  3. Communication and Relationship Management
  4. Stress and anger management
  5. Team building and teamwork
  6. Creative thinking and innovation

Training To Develop Management Skills

  1. Teamwork and team management
  2. Effective Performance Management
  3. Leadership in Business
  4. Interview Techniques
  5. Problem Solving Techniques
  6. Feedback and Delegation for Managers
  7. Developing Management Skills