First Safety Then Service

In GÜVENSAN, we care about health and safety our stakeholders (our employees, customers and 3rd parties effect by the services we provide) and environment; we serve with awareness of our responsibilities.

For a cleaner and more livable environment our objective is to use Natural Resources, Energy and raw materials economically in our services and to provide a safer and healthier environment for our employees, stakeholders and indirectly for the community in an efficient manner by using basic regular training we provide to our clients.

Our commitments;

To comply with occupational safety and environmental regulations, laws and GÜVENSAN internal regulations in our services,

By documenting the occupational safety and environmental management system; reducing,

accidents and preventing the formation of occupational diseases,

Ensuring continuous improvement of occupational safety and environmental performance,

Taking mitigating measures for waste generated in service production,

Taking part in social responsibility projects with our employees and stakeholders will also to promote, place and maintain occupational safety and environmental awareness,

Keeping our occupational safety and environmental policy open to our stakeholders,

We undertake and declare.