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It is an aerosol mist created by extremely fine spraying technique. It has been accepted and recommended that ULV is the most successful device in the World Health Organization’s (who) disinfection device application trials for disinfection of parts from ceiling to floor against bacteria and viruses in ambient air. Alternative surface disinfection products, especially alcohol-based and nano-technological products, are used in volume applications made with ULV method

ULV volume applications;
Alternative applications against bacteria and viruses.
Nano Technology Hygiene Coating.
Alcohol-Based Product Applications.

Products used in volume applications made with ULV Management;
Alcohol based products – are more effective at indoors. Suitable for indoor and vehicle use. It is not recommended outdoor because of the volatile property of alcohol and its effect in external areas will not be long-lasting.
General disinfection products-effective for bacteria and viruses and their uses are extensive. It is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor areas.
Nano Technological products – Nano technological products-there is a permanence effect between 45 days and up to 90 days according to their usage areas. It is suitable for use in all indoor areas and inside vehicles

Manual Application Method;

Manual application in manual contact areas (door handle, electric button, elevator buttons, batteries, taps, etc.).

Products used in manual applications;

Other than the ULV method, alcohol-based products are also suitable for manual use.